Pipe Weld Purging Products

Inflatable Pipe Weld Purging Systems

Range: 2" to 48"

Our Inflatable Pipe Purging Systems are designed to maximise time and minimise cost. Two inflatable bladders are joined by a braided gas hose. Using inert gas(such as argon) to first inflate both bladders on either side of the weld before releasing the gas(via a pre set valve) into the chamber they have created, forcing the oxygen out through exhaust tubes built into the bladders. The Oxygen is removed so the welder can weld the pipes without the risk of oxidisation.     


Silicone Pipe Weld Purge Systems

Range: 8" Upwards

The Silicone Pipe Weld Purge systems take gas purging to the next level.Silicone seal discs are used to create the weld chamber, meaning nogas, or time required for inflation, hence quicker purge times. A sintered gas diffuser releases the purge gas gently into the chamber, whilst exhaust holes allow the exit of the oxygen. The Silicone Gas cylinder system, like the Rapid Purge, is designed for larger diameter pipes, localising the purge to the weld root. These lightweight, yet rugged systems are designed for easy insertion and withdrawal from the pipe, even round bends and elbows!       


Weld Purge Oxygen Monitors & Analysers

Range: ¾" - 36"

Our range of Weld Purge Oxygen Monitors is the most comprehensive on the market. From the 'welder's toolbox' Handy Purge 100, measuring oxygen levels down to 100PPM(0.01%), to the top of the range Pro Purge One, measuring oxygen levels down to 0.5PPM(0.00005%) Tag Pipe Ltd can supply you with the most suitable system to acheive your required weld specification, whatever the application.



Pipe Stoppers & Bungs

Range: 3" to 80"

Tag Pipe Ltd manufacture a range of mechanical expanding plugs and inflatable pipe stoppers for a variety of line stopping and purging applications. From plastic, steel, or aluminium expanding stoppers, to custom shape and size inflatable stoppers, as well as specially made hi-pressure plugs. Tag Pipe Ltd can offer the suitable solution for your application.



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