Expanding Pipe Stoppers/Bungs

Sizes: Up to 72” (1828mm)

Expandable test plugs for purging and general pipe blocking

Pipe stoppers, or drain plugs as they are sometimes known, are used to temporarily seal the end of a pipe or opening for many different testing applications. Pipe stoppers are mainly used to seal off from water, gases and foreign objects in newly laid pipes, or pipework systems that are under repair. TAG PIPE Ltd’s range of Pipe stoppers are available in a number of different styles to suit many applications for pipe sizes from 1/2” to 72”. Special Pipestoppers are also available for pressure testing.

How it works:

A central spindle/shaft on which two plates are fitted with a natural rubber tyre (ring) between them, a wing nut on the shaft moving the two plates together compressing the tyre and making the seal in the pipe. These stoppers can also be supplied with a hollow shaft version for screwing on standard hose connections or for using fixed or free nipple caps. Expandable Pipe Stoppers are available in three different types.



Nylon Plugs

Nylon plugs are the standard ‘Drain Plugs’ for testing leak tightness of foul water lines at the time of installation. Furthermore, the range of sizes make these plugs ideal for a number of other applications in the water and gas industries as well as applications in all other industries where pipes are used or where there are holes to be blocked. 




Aluminium Plugs

To complement the range of nylon expanding plugs, we offer all sizes of aluminium plugs. These are provided in sizes from 1.5” upwards and are suitable for more arduous duties such as immersion in chemicals and/or higher temperatures.





Steel Plugs

TAG PIPE Ltd also manufacture a range of Steel plugs from 2” to 72” in diameter. These plugs are typically suitable for more arduous duties such as long immersion in water and use at higher temperatures or for contact with acidic or alkaline environments for which the Nylon and Aluminium plugs may be unsuitable.



All plugs conform to British Standards BS8005 for low pressure testing and sealing of pipes.

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