Silicone Pipe Weld Purging Systems

The Double Seal Silicone Pipe Weld Purging System

Range: 1½" - 12"

The TAG PIPE Ltd Double Seal System is the latest innovation in purging processes and has been designed to further reduce both inner gas use and purging time. The gas is diffused into the chamber through a built in diffuser in the rigid, flexible or spring braided hose and exits through the exhaust holes in the first triple disc unit. This process of gas diffusion provides an even flow of gas and prevents any gas turbulence behind the weld, thereby minimising the risk of oxygen in the welding chamber while, at the same time, achieving an extremely short purge time.          

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Gas Cylinder - Silicone Pipe Weld Purging System

Range: 8" - 40"

Gas Cylinders are available for pipes from 200mm to 1000mm diameter. These tools have two heat-resistant sealing lips, taking 340ºC for up to one hour. These cylinders have extremely short purge times of 1 ½ - 2 ½ minutes for all dimensions.

The Gas cylinders are designed with pull-through balls to enable the unit to be easily retrieved out of a straight section of pipe, or a pipe with a series of bends or elbows. The purge area is isolated, so there is no need to purge the entire area of pipe to be welded, thereby minimizing gas usage.

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