Pipe Weld Purge Oxygen Monitors & Analysers


Handy Purge 100 Pipe Weld Purge Monitor

Measures Oxygen down to 0.01% (100ppm)

The Handy Purge 100 is a lightweight, yet robust handheld, entry level, toolbox weld purge monitor, measuring the level of Oxygen to 0.01% (100 parts per million). Suitable for many exotic material pipe weld applications.

Used in conjunction with the TAG PIPE Ltd purging systems the Handy Purge 100 will dramatically both inert gas usage and purging times

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Handy Purge 100 PLUS Pipe Weld Purge Monitor

Portable, self calibrating, digital oxygen monitor with integral pump. Measures Oxygen levels down to 0.01%(100ppm)

The Handy Purge 100 Plus Oxygen Monitor is designed specifically for the welding industry where the monitoring of purge gasses is important. It is a microprocessor-controlled, self pumping and calibrating, rechargeable battery powered portable oxygen monitoring device. The Handy Purge 100 Plus Weld Purge Monitor is designed to measure accurately the ppm of oxygen in the weld area, alerting the welder immediately when purging is complete so there is no waste in time or gasses.

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Handy Purge Pro 5 Pipe Weld Purge Monitor

The most accurate handheld digital oxygen monitor Measures oxygen levels down to 0.0005%(5ppm)

The Handy Purge Pro 5 is the Rolls Royce of portable Oxygen monitors, measuring the level of oxygen in the designated atmosphere down to 5 ppm!!! The new Handy Purge Pro 5 Weld Purge Monitor is essential for reading oxygen levels for titanium welding. A rechargeable battery pack and multi range power plug are standard features of the Handy Purge Pro 5 , and light weight and ergonomic shape make it the ideal portable instrument for all orbital welding applications.

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Pro Purge 1 Pipe Weld Purge Monitor

Measures Oxygen levels down to 0.00005% (0.5ppm)

The Pro Purge 1 Weld Purge Monitor is the ideal tool for many welding applications where critical weld standards are required. Used for production of Semi-conductors, Nuclear, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Dairy, Brewery and Food processing where strict welding guide lines to eliminate weld-quality issues associated with atmosphere contaminated welds are required. The Pro Purge 1 Weld Purge Monitor contains a stabilised zirconium oxide cell with a regulated heater to maintain a cell temperature of 750°C which enables it to accurately measure levels down to as low as 0.5 ppm.

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